Quick Changes

Today's post isn't about anything monumental, just some quick changes that have been made to our kitchen shelves. You may have noticed here that a new star has stolen the show on our shelving. Well not a star, but a scale:

I picked it up at an estate sale last week and even though it constantly measures 1 1/4lbs, I love it. It's a deep green, which I thought I wouldn't like, but it actually goes really well with the other aged items.

This isn't a food scale. It's actually an old Postal Scale from 1933. It's old!

I love the height and variation it gives to the shelves. It's also functional, which is a bonus. B and I love looking at all the old facts, like how much stamps were and how much it cost to ship items.

The above photo previews our next quick change. Remember when I showed you this terracotta pot?  I finally got around to painting it. I've never painted terracotta before, so I was a little nervous. I used the method I always do, and it turned out great. I don't know what I'll end up putting in here or how well it will hold up. I'm thinking I'll plant it with a fern or some greenery.

Gotta love the pop of yellow. I find myself painting everything this color. It's just so fun and cheery. What's your favorite color to have in your home? I'm loving bright blue these days, but have yet to find a spray paint that hits the nail on the head.


  1. I love that scale! It looks great. I think my favorite color in the house in blue. It's bizarre that I've changed the furniture in my living room 3 times and always managed to still have the main color be blue without planning it.

    1. I know right!?! I always am buying similar colors for myself, T, or my home without realizing it!


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