Our weekend happenings

Our weekend was filled with all things friends and family. We were busy, but in a good way. I've been trying to make it a point to do more crafts and science-y  projects with T now that she is old enough to understand and participate. T's Nana and bop-bop Scott (B's mom and step dad) gifted her a connector to make water tornado's with 2 liter bottles.
I will spare you the step by step run down. It's pretty self explanatory.

I'm dying over these colors

She got a kick out of it! It's so much fun to relive things you did as a child with just as much excitement. Her eyes were wide and she was mesmerized. Friday evening we went to a baseball game with B's dad. The stadium is in the middle of a notoriously shitty town, so we weren't expecting much-but it was awesome! The park was beautiful and the crowd was a blast. And there was a big truck parked out front, so T was instantly happy.

That lady behind us with the pink visor was a riot. She had some pretty sweet moves.

On Saturday we visited B's family. We had a great dinner and a wonderful time. Lesley and Scott re-purposed the kids old drop side crib into a work station/play desk for T. It was amazing. Basically they took off the drop side part, leaving a three sided desk. They painted the bottom with chalkboard paint and did all kinds of crazy things to the sides. There was tape, paper, markers, crayons, kid scissors, a dry erase board, a ribbon to hang artwork, magnets, glue, and erasers. I was jealous! This has to be the coolest thing for a kid. It kept T busy creating for hours! I didn't snap a pic, but I will next time I'm there.

We also managed to squeeze in a couple estate sales and a DIY project. AND... a loyal reader, customer, and most importantly- my dear friend, SarahB, had her baby boy on Sunday! I got to see him when he was just hours old and he was amazing. Babies are spectacular but they are even better when you care so much about the family they are welcomed into. He is one lucky little boy already and I'm lucky to get to see him grow up! Congratulations again to the whole family!


  1. omg this is the cutest post ever.

  2. <3 Love all the pics, so sweet!


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