More light please

This weekend was BUSY. So busy, we almost didn't have a post this morning. Two kids birthday parties on Saturday and hosting one surprise baby shower for a close friend, left almost no time for home improvement projects. But B and I did manage to squeeze in one upgrade that I'm totally smitten with.

Two weeks ago, I was at an estate sale and I found these:


Sorry for the crappy photo, but this is the photo I texted to B. I think I said something along the lines of "these are BEAUTIFUL!! Please, please, please tell me you love them!" He did and I was so excited. I quickly bought one and swooned over the beautiful brass the entire trip home. I'm not kidding when I say that this is my idea of a perfect light fixture. I'M. IN. LOVE.

Before we could install the fixture, a few changes needed to be made. The existing wire and socket were very old, so we needed to change them. We picked up a new pendant kit at Home Depot for around $15.00.

Old Socket
New Pendant Kit

 It was really quite an easy fix. The old socket and cord pulled right out, leaving us with this:

 This next step might be a little confusing. In the new pendant kit, there was a white 'cap' over the actual light socket. You can see it on the box in the above photo- it looks like a half circle. That 'cap' wouldn't fit in our fixture so it had to be removed. B simply removed it be unscrewing it from the socket.

This is what we were left with:

Now that the socket would fit, B removed the old light. Que the gross, dirty, white tile.  I have no idea why this part of the kitchen is tiled. Especially with white tile since there is no white tile in our kitchen. Crazy.
B simply unscrewed the wires, but for a more detailed step by step, you can read this post. 

I held the fixture while B installed it because I was TERRIFIED of it breaking or cracking.  So we don't have any pictures of the install. It pretty much goes up the same way it came down. We decided on a length for the cord and cut it to fit. Then B attached the wires and screwed it in place. This is the finished result:

I love it. It's my favorite light in the house. In total this light cost us $35 and I think that's a pretty good deal since many pendants can cost upwards of $100. Please don't pay attention to the styling (or lack thereof) on the shelves. Many of the items got relocated to our kitchen shelves. The items are just stand-ins until we find better items to fit the space. All in all, it was a very busy but very great weekend. Small (but mighty) house upgrades, and wonderful times spent with great friends. What did you do this weekend? Any home improvements? Parties? Are you as tired as I am this Monday? Do tell.


  1. I am obsessed with that light. Perfection.

  2. It looks great! I love that pink vase! Nothing interesting going on here this weekend


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