Lay off the sauce

The title is referring to exactly what you think: drinking. It's no secret that B and I enjoy a glass of wine or two, craft beers, or a martini (just not all in the same night). We don't over-do it (well...) and we wait until T has gone to bed (although we do have wine with dinner). It's also no secret that we like to drink and craft. Sometimes, it leads to a really great looking finished piece, but sometimes it leads to something so awful, you can't help but laugh. This is one of those times.

We have a a giant empty wall where are TV is. We wanted to buy a piece of art to hang, but anything over 16x20 is out of our price range right now. So with T at my parents for the night, we set out to make our own art for said wall. Please excuse all the terrible blurry photography, although it does give an accurate feel for the night. 

First, we drank almost all of this:

I bought this wine for the wicked cool label, but it turned out to be very good! I love finding wine that is really good that we can actually afford. We drank almost the whole thing and before we knew it, I was tipsy. Problem is, we didn't stop at that bottle. Let the drunk crafting begin!

B had this old canvas lying around that he uses for projects. It was old, dirty, and about 6x20 ft. Perfect for a large scale piece of art. We laid it on the floor, then played with our animals for a good twenty minutes. We were tipsy after all.

After the animals got tired of us we were finished playing with the animals, we cut the canvas to size. We decided to try our hands at painting a bicycle since B rides them and I think they look cool. Yes, I do things because they look cool. How high school of me. At first we were going to draw a bike with pencil, but we were way to drunk impatient to do that.

So I busted out the paint and started free-handing it.

There was a lot of laughing, artist mockery, and more drinks. Before we knew it- we had this:

It's bad, I know.  But it makes me remember such a fun night, so I love it. We will not be hanging this above our TV, but we will not be throwing it away.

Look at B's sexy pajama pants.
Now, I'm trying to figure out what to do with it. Literally, it was one of the funnest nights we've had in awhile. Just me and B and a bottle (or two) of wine. Any ideas?

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  1. this is awesome for being mostly drunk! I don't think I could draw a bike that like sober.


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