Down time

I love the company B works for. I speak so highly of them to anyone who will listen. But there are two things that SUCK about his profession: Spring and Fall. When there is no heating or air conditioning running, there is no work. So...that also means there is no money (well, very little). This fall should be interesting since it's the first fall we will be in our home. We bought our home last October, but didn't move in until the end of November. So bear with us as our estate saling gets sparser, projects take longer, and things get put on back burners. Because that's what you do when you are a young family starting out. You have to make things work, and not worry about making things pretty. I do feel like that will force us to get more creative and make every penny count. I have always set out to prove that beautiful home can be attained on a very little budget. We decided when we got pregnant that I would stay home with T. Of course, she is old enough where I could go out and get a job, but the cost of daycare in our area just isn't worth it. I'm scared shitless but welcome the challenge. I've done more with less before. End ranting. Thanks for listening. Onto the goods.

We went to ONE sale this weekend. It was also a two minute drive from our house. There was also a park across the street, so I got to go to the sale and after, T got to go to the park. Double win. We spent the morning together as a family (since B wasn't working) and that's something we haven't enjoyed in awhile. It was lovely. We chose our buys wisely, only getting what we would feel bad about leaving behind. I got this metal bird:

Do not let his small size fool you- this thing is heavy. It's solid metal and could be used as a door stop. This thing means business.

We also got this chair. It was crazy cheap and in great condition. B says it reminds him of his grandparents house, but it's growing on him.

Love all  the hexagonal shapes

It's hard to find a chair like this where the caning isn't all broken or missing. The upholstery will do for now, since it's not in bad shape. I have dreams of refinishing this chair with a navy velvet fabric and a new wood stain. It will be gorgeous. Trust me. Anyone do any thrifting last weekend? Any good finds? Does my new chair remind you of  grandparent?

Did you see last weeks items for sale? Check them out here.  There are NEW PRICES and an item is back on the market!

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