Cap it up

We have a horrible secret. When you first walk in our home, you aren't greeted with a very lovely sight. You are greeted by this:

This is one of the worst parts about our home. When we took down the entry way wall, we were left with exposed framing. Our plan was to just drywall around this part but when we went to cut the existing plasterboard straight, it completely crumbled apart. Meaning there was no way to connect new drywall smoothly and seamlessly to the existing wall.

Did I mention there was also a substantial hole in the floor? Perfect for collecting all the pet hair you could ever imagine!

So last weekend, B and I set out to fix this unsightly mess. My mom took T for the day so we could knock this project out quickly.  We knew the only way to fix this problem was to conceal all the messiness with a cap that could be placed right over the end of the wall. That way we didn't need to peel back any more plasterboard and risk the wall completely crumbling. We started out by removing the baseboard and quarter round on that wall.

We went to Menards to buy our wood this time. Normally, we are all about Home Depot, but they fell short on what we wanted for our end cap. We bought three standard quality 1x8x10 boards with grain pattern we liked. We are going to be painting this cap, but sometimes grain and knots show through paint so we wanted to be careful. We gathered our supplies: compressor, nail gun, wood glue, table saw and a miter saw.

We knew the cap we were making had to go from floor to ceiling and that it had to be about 6-3/4'' wide to cover all the cracking. B then cut all the boards to size.

Two of the boards were relatively simple. No odds cuts had to be made. The side of the stairway was a little more tricky. We had to cut the board so it would fit around the stringer of the stairs. We used a test piece of scrap wood to get the cut precise so we didn't ruin one of our good boards.

After all the boards were cut and fitted to place we glued them together with Gorilla Wood Glue before nailing them into place with a nail gun. Can I just say how fun that is? I could use a nail gun all day, everyday.

Then we stepped back and enjoyed our work. It was sooooo nice to be able to look at a semi finished structure instead of cracked, chipped plasterboard.

This cap is far from finished. (Let's not even touch on the horrible staircase. Give it time-we have plans) We are in the process of looking for some 1/4x4x9 pieces of wood. We are planning to put a mission style detail 'frame' around the cap to give it more of a pro look and look more like an architectural detail than a cover for something. Like it's always been apart of the house. Maybe in the next couple of weeks. I'm in no hurry though. It's just feels so nice to be greeted by good wood when you walk in the door. Yeah, I went there.

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