Baby Shower!

I mentioned here that I hosted a surprise baby shower for a friend this past weekend. I love a good party and I am usually the first to volunteer to host anything. This shower was no exception. I am lucky enough to be involved in an amazing playgroup, with amazing moms, and amazing kids. You can tell I think it's amazing, right? Besides myself, there are three other moms. All have daughters around T's age and all have or will have given birth in the past 5 months. There's a lot of baby making going on in these parts of town. The last momma is set to give birth any day now, so the other girls and I wanted to surprise her with a little 'shower'. It's her third child, but first boy, so we decided on the whole concept of 'Gentleman' and I ran with it. We had little 'decor' budget to work with, so almost everything was borrowed from two very close friends of B and I. They were lifepartysavers.

Appetizer table before the pretty appetizers

We made caprese skewers, goat cheese stuffed tomatoes, veggie pizza (Thanks mom!), and chips/salsa/and guac. It was delicious!

Drink Station

The dessert table look SO much better after the desserts were plated.

Desserts are my favorite thing to make. I'm a baker, so I take my desserts way more seriously than cooking. We served mini trifles, cookie balls, mini lemon blueberry cheesecakes, chocolate chip cookies, and key lime bars. I don't think anyone left hungry.

All in all I think it was a very successful party. She was surprised and we all had an amazing afternoon together. The husbands and kids came too and the whole thing wasn't very shower-y. It was just a great afternoon spent with friends. We are so lucky to have our little 'community' we've created and can't wait to meet baby Charlie. Although the decorations weren't the most important part of the shower, I think they were pretty nice to look at!

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