What I Love About My Home

I recently read this article on AT, and it really struck a chord with me. Since the day we bought this house (9 months ago already!), I've created a laundry list about a mile long of things that had  to be changed. But there are multiple reasons B and I chose this home to raise our family, there are plenty of things we love and wouldn't change for the world. Here is my gratitude list:

The location. Our home is nestled in one of the best parts of town. Our neighborhood rocks. And it's pretty. Old homes, filled with young (and old) families who for the most part, care for their homes and its preservation. We know all our neighbors and love them. Some, we even consider family. No matter how much renovation we do to our house, we can never change who we live by. And for that, we are extremely lucky.

The layout. Our house is small- around 1000 sq feet. But nothing beats the layout-it's spot on the best I could ask for. Space is maximized and the house 'flows'. There are no weird nooks, corners, or unnecessary walls. Everything is open and inviting.

The Sentiment. Before our home was neglected by the previous owners, it was loved and cherished by a family I was apart of. They loved this home and raised a family here. I knew it had potential to be something great. I didn't want this home to fall apart and it was on course to if someone didn't fight to save it.

The light. We rarely turn on lights during the day. Our home faces north and the southern exposure floods our home with light. Our home has plenty of well placed windows that make our home feel bright and light!

The yard. All 225 ft of it. And the weeds I will never get a hold of. Even though our backyard is a royal mess right now, this was one of the main reasons we bought this house. It's huge! I watch B, T, and Porter play, and run, and 'fly', and dance in that backyard and I knew B was right. Nothing beats that backyard, and every kid needs space to fly. 

Again, the location. I didn't really have grandparents growing up. I missed out on big family parties and grandparents day at school. But T won't have to miss any of that. She has my parent two doors down. They wave to her from their back steps and watch her walk from their house to ours. She visits them whenever she wants, for whatever reason, or sometimes-no reason at all. Because they are family. And I know, T will cherish the relationship with her grandparents forever. They give her something B and I can't and we are so grateful to have them so close.

A picture of T 'fixing' her own house

There you have it- my gratitude list. I have to remind myself that although there are many things about this house I want to change, it's the things I can't change that made me fall in love with this house. What do you love about your home or apartment? Was it the location? Architectural details? Price? Please do tell!


  1. I looooove this post! So sweet and personal. Totally struck home with me, since we have to remind ourselves daily why we took on this old monster of a house. :-) We fell in love with it for the great location, big yard, architecture and history. But most of all, we walked in the front door and it just felt like HOME. It tugged both of our hearts in a really deep, intangible way. I wanted my kids to grow up here, pure and simple. :-)

    1. Agreed! We knew when we set foot in this house, that it was the place we HAD to raise our family! There was no choice!

  2. This is my favorite blog! It is always informative, funny and from the heart. I know this blog has many readers of all ages, but I suspect a large percentage are young families starting out.
    Like the author, I too bought an old home that needed lots of help and TLC. Actually it was the worst house on the block. But the block had so much charm, and families that raised their kids and stayed because they too loved their homes. So we jumped right in and remodeled, revamped, and created our own home. We raised three wonderful children and like you all will learn, we took the good with the bad. Such is life.
    Now, 26 years later, we have a beautiful home. My yard is full of flowers and all sorts of plant life. My pond is full of huge fat Koi that have grown along with my children. I grow veggies, herbs and encourage the butterflies, bees, toads and bats to stay awhile. I have rehabbed wildlife and fostered so many animals I honestly have lost count. Through it all, my family has been there for me.
    To all of you young moms...cherish your babies. They really do grow up. Although it is fun to have a drink with your adult children, it is much more fun to change their diapers!
    And if you are very, very lucky...like me...your wonderful, beautiful, creative and loving daughter will marry her prince charming, and give you a precious little granddaughter. And then to top the whole thing off...they will move... two doors down.
    I love you Sarah,


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