Sneak Peak!

Ah ha ha ha...you expected to see our shelves this morning, didn't you? Sorry to disappoint- but all the pictures need to be edited, since apparently our camera (and maybe me) sucks at taking pictures. But really, we finished installing the shelves late in the afternoon yesterday, and lighting wasn't the best for prime photo taking. The photos will be up soon. Promise.

I do want to show you two items I got for our home last weekend. First was this metal B:

I'm kind of obsessed. And so is B. I mean, he should be- it stands for him for Pete's sake. It's big (around 16in) and heavy. Although red isn't my first color choice when it comes to decorating, this finish is too good to paint over. It's worn and chipping in places, but I think it's perfect.

And then there is this:

It's a terracotta pot that I picked up for $1. I plan on spray painting it yellow and putting it on our kitchen shelves to hold our cookie cutters. I'm really excited and I love the detail.

I can't wait to show you our kitchen shelves. The first photo gives you a pretty good sneak peak! What were you busy with this weekend? Any big projects? A new finds for your home?


  1. Love the terra cotta planter AND gramma's cookie jar :)

    1. B and I were so happy to finally be able to display the cookie jar! I love it!

  2. I love that B! It looks great up on that shelf. No projects for me this weekend. I had to drive to north Carolina

  3. The red looks great with those turqoise mason jars, and you're right. The aged finish is too good to paint over! That's the same conclusion I came to with our B!


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