New Items For Sale

You are going to be shocked...I went to ONE sale last weekend. One! And it was local. I couldn't believe it. I had so much free time on Friday and Saturday, I didn't know what to do with myself. I got a couple great pieces to sell and some fun things to keep around the house (yes, there is a brass animal involved). Let's start with the items for sale:

Brass Mirrored Tray. So pretty and so decorative. 15x10. I lovelovelove the details on the side of this tray. This also has a 'stand' on the back that can prop up the tray like a picture frame.

SOLD $17

Royal Albert Salt and Pepper Shakers. Made in England. White bone china with gold trim. 3.5 inches tall. There is a small blemish on one of the shakers towards the bottom. You can see it in the picture below.
You can see the tiny chip above

Yellow Plate made by Jamestown. Yellow Plate with white splatters. 8 inch diameter.


Last but not least, this tin covered box. I bought this at an old old old house in Blue Island some weeks ago. The inside was trashed, so I ripped out the fabric and painted the wood gold. I think it turned out great! This thing is old, and worn. There is a spot on the back where the tin has been stapled to keep it from curling. Barely noticeable and easy to hide. 3x11x6.5

SOLD $13

Now for the things I got for our house. We should be installing kitchen shelves soon, so my mind has been on tiny trinkets to fill those said shelves. I got these hobnail salt and pepper shakers, because I seem to have a thing for all things milk glass lately.

And of course, T got another brass animal! This is her new baby elephant:

She loves it and will quickly tell you that the baby deer is her best friend. Awe...brass animal friendships.

Lots of little project projects are going on around here. Items are being spray painted, curtains, have been hung, our kitchen shelving might come out of their wrappers, and all thing red, white, and blue!  Lots of fun posts to come!


  1. i just picked up that same brass frame mirror like a week ago!! i think its identical!

    1. Great minds think alike! It's beautiful!

  2. That last photo with the deer and elephant is adorable. And I'm loving those hobnail salt n pepper shakers for your kitchen!

    1. T is so cute when she plays with these things. I can't wait to get more for her collection! And yeah, hobnail is kinda a big deal around these parts!


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