Let's drink

Today's 'For Sale' items are all things drink related (well almost). Each decanter is glass and stands about 12 inches tall. And of course, another Hobnail vase. Since I can't seem to walk away from these things. The vase is about 5 inches tall.

1(SOLD), 2(SOLD), 3(SOLD), 4. $9 each. Vase $8

So there is no confusion on which decanter is which, they are numbered from left to right: 1, 2, 3, 4 and then there's the vase. As you've seen before, I am a huge fan of decanters. They make even the shittiest liquor look classy. All kidding aside, they really are a great way to store booze and I think they actually save space. But that could just be what I tell myself so I don't feel bad about buying a container to store my already contained liquids!


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