How's It Hanging, Part 2

Since we've been on the topic of hanging things, I thought I'd share two more things that got hung in the guest bedroom. When Charlie came to take pictures for our house tour, our guest bedroom was lacking in many ways. First, there were no curtains or art on the walls, and second, it lacked the bed that was necessary to call it a 'guest' room (unless our guest is just coming to play piano and sit in a really comfy chair). We still have no bed, but did manage to put curtains and art up, lighting a fire under our butts to get this room in order. It.needs. help. Even so, I feel the room looks way better with our new additions:

You many remember when I picked up this artwork at an estate sale in May. It's been sitting in our guest room waiting to be hung, and we finally got around to it. I have no idea why it took us over a month to do a five minute project.

I love this peacock print. It's made of real feathers, and the colors are stunning. It's weird because I both love and hate the fact that this is real feathers. I justify having it because if I didn't buy it, this print probably would have been thrown in the garbage, and then it's wasted and I feel it's disrespectful.

The next print is very different from the previous one, but I feel they work together. This room is a hodpodge of things, so why shouldn't the art be?

Lovely yarn:

And then there are the curtains. These are the same Ikea curtains we have in our living room and bedroom. I think the style is Merete, which you can purchase them here. I really love these curtains; they are a nice sturdy weight and they don't look cheap. Awhile ago I read a tip from a designer (I can't remember who) and she said "The closer the fabric is to your body, the more expensive it should be." I have kind of followed that advice over the years. It makes sense, right? So I spend more money on my sheets, bed linens, or towels. Those are the fabrics where I feel quality matters, not curtains. I'm not saying to buy the cheapest curtains you can find, but a white linen curtain is pretty standard across the board. It's the name you are paying for. Oh, and the hemming-because these curtains aren't hemmed.

And I leave you with a part of the room you've never seen before:

You can see the herringbone wall that leads to T's room . Her desk fits perfectly in the guest room, but we would eventually like to put it in her room. The barometer/thermometer that hangs on the wall belonged to B's Grandma and Grandpa. I love this view in our house. It perfectly showcases 'us'. Is there a spot in your home that is a shining example of your design esthetic? A place that showcases your personality?

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  1. Hmmmm...the part of my house that shows my design aesthetic best is my kitchen/dining area. Because it shows that I'm a design schizophrenic! I love a crisp, monochromatic black/grey/white room with lots of metallics and graphic contrast (dining room). But I'm also drawn to fun, saturated color popping off a white background (kitchen). And both rooms show my desire to be surrounded by open displays of the things I love.


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