How's it hangin?

B had his first day off in almost three weeks, so of course, we celebrated his day off with all things home related. We did tons of yard work (that's another whole post) and hung a chandelier.

First, I need to fill you in on a little background story. A friend posted on Facebook about an old ugly (to her!) chandelier she was dying to get rid of. Brass? Free? What more could I ask for. I quickly messaged her that it had to be all mine. I was nervous. What if forty other people wanted this chandelier? How could they not? And wouldn't ya know, no one wanted it. I picked it up asap and thanked her more times that I could remember for her generosity. I've been looking for a chandelier for awhile and all the ones I've seen were either too expensive or weren't the right shape. I was so over the moon when I picked up the chandelier and it had the PERFECT shape.

This was over four months ago. Call me maybe lazy. And since it was over two months ago (which was before this blog baby was born) I don't have a 'before' photo. But Kate (the previous owner of the chandelier) did post this photo on Facebook:

Photo: So that ugly brass chandelier that came with our house that I've been trying to get rid of for months?  I almost died when I went to a conference in a beautiful converted mansion, and you'll never guess what was hanging in one of the meeting rooms.  Anyone want a very high class brass chandelier?

I took all the glass shades off and hung the chandelier on a shepherds hook outside. This is a great way to spray paint. It gives you the ability to spray your object from all angles and you don't have to worry about smudges from setting an object on the ground. We chose to spray the chandelier yellow, since that seems to be the reoccurring color in our home. Make sure when spraying any light fixture, that the sockets where the bulbs screw in are covered. Stick some paper towel in the socket to protect it from paint.

Four light coats later, the chandelier looked stunning! Now we had to install it. I don't know electrical, but B does. Very well. He had the fan down and this up in under twenty minutes. Here is what he did.

Remove old light fixture. In our case, a ceiling fan.

Unhook all connecting wires, so the fixture can come down. This is where you may need someone to hold the fixture while you unscrew the wiring.

This is what we were left with. Since this fixture had power for both a ceiling fan and a light, we had to test our wires to see what was what. Good thing B has a tool for that. After this step, you may want to cut power to the room you are working on so you aren't working with live wires. B didn't do this. He's a loner Dottie. A Rebel. (quick! Name that movie)

apparently this number means something to B

This chandelier is really heavy. Much heavier than the old ceiling fan. We had to check to make sure our ceiling would be able to hold the new fixture. You want to make sure the electrical box is supported by a bracket that connects to the ceiling joists. If you already have a fan hanging, more than likely you won't have a problem. As we predicted, ours was fine. Then we hung the light by screwing the bracket attached to the chandelier to the electrical box. Like so:

This is where I should have taken a picture with the wiring all hooked up. But T needed me and I had to leave the chandelier hanging party. Sorry B. SIDE NOTE: B is making me tell you to make sure all your wires are electrical taped after you put the red cap on (some fancy folk may call this a wire nut). Safety first kids!

I came back a couple minutes later and saw this:

 Huzzah! I love the result. The yellow really pops off against the dark gray walls. I do have to do a little paint touch ups on the chandelier. When we were hanging it, a lot of paint scraped off the wires and the chain. I plan on spraying some of the paint into a tin foil bowl and using a small detail brush to take care of any marks. I also need to touch up the ceiling. Who knows when the hell that will happen. Then I realized this chandelier would look at lot better and be more helpful with lights in it. So I quickly ran to Home Depot and picked some up.

I love it even more with those cute little round lights in it. It's hard to tell in the photos, but those aren't your standard light bulbs.They are much smaller and shorter. This fixture gives off a great amount of light and casts a really neat shadow that's hard to capture in photos. What do you think? Are you loving the chandelier craze? I wouldn't consider it a craze like some would since chandeliers have been around forever. Any light fixtures you've installed lately? Do tell.


  1. oh my goodness i loooove that yellow against the dark walls

    1. Thanks! Gray and yellow are my favorite color combo!

  2. it looks so great! I would love to see a pic of how it pulls together the whole room!

    1. Just wait! That's in tomorrow's post!

  3. Looks fabulous! Definitely digging the yellow against the charcoal, and the round bulbs really play up the round shapes on the chandy.

  4. I emailed the craigslist ad trying to buy the ceiling fan, but I haven't gotten a response at all. I saw the website link and thought I would try here in case I'm going to a spam folder.


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