Happy Fourth of July!

I hope everyone is enjoying their day off! Today we are having our family and a few close friends over. Most of the day will be spent eating and lounging in my mom's and neighbor's pools. Since we are 'hosting', I threw together some decorations for our festivities.

I didn't want to buy a lot of 'stuff' to decorate with. A lot of what I used, I had on hand or I borrowed from my mom.  I always go through all my decor and try to see what works for my theme. For our bar, Mr. Velvetdeer got moved, but the brass swans stayed. I really like the look of brass with red/white/blue decorations. I feel it gives it some age and depth.

B and I adore anything involving mason jars. We store most of our food in them, they were a big part of our decor at our outdoor wedding, and back in days of dating-we shared a beer or two (served in masons) at our local bar together. Since we are serving many different kinds of craft beer, I thought it would be fun to pay homage to those days.

This table is so empty because this is where all our food will be served. I decorated it as best as I could, but let's be honest- the star of this table will be all the yummy food and desserts!

T requested plums!
 There you have it! Our Fourth of July decor. Kick back, enjoy your day off, and I hope everyone has a great holiday! What are your plans today? Are you hosting? A guest? No plans? Want to come over?

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