Extra Extra...seating that is.

 B and I have been looking for another chair for our living room for quite some time. It's a small space and anything we've tried seemed overpowering for our tiny room. So we put our 'chair hunt' on the back burner months ago, figuring something would find us. And something did:

I'm not sure if it's a footstool, ottoman, chair, or bench,but whatever it is-it works perfectly for our space. It does have some issues, like a lot of missing buttons, and this:

T is OBSESSED with this, insisting I take a picture with her new chair.

 No, my daughter is not the issue. There are support straps that are hanging down and a bunch of black batting that is fraying. Look closer:

So I flipped the 'chair' over and did one of the quickest furniture fixes ever. I tucked the straps under the metal springs and I removed any black batting that was exposed.

 And after:

 Not a huge change, but it's much neater looking. I'm happy to have an extra seat in our living room without much space being taken. It stills keeps our living room/dining room feeling wide open.

Notice something different? Our rug is gone. After posting about a certain coffee accident, our rug was starting to take a turn for the worse. But we lived with it because new rugs are expensive. Then, three days ago, T got sick and projectile vomited all over the rug. Twice. I tried my best, but that stench and stain was not coming out. So we are rug-less for awhile, and I hate it. Our living room feels like we are swimming in a sea of brown. I can not wait to find another rug that is actually affordable. I have my eye on a few, so we will just have to save for one. But we are not getting anything expensive. I want cheap, really cheap. With a toddler, two cats, and a dog, I don't expect rugs to last long in our home.

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  1. Great new chair....AND she is back to being a duplicat of her dad!!!!


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