I am so excited to show you one of my most awesome finds at a sale. Ever. Please excuse me while I brag a little. or a lot. As I said in this post, two weekends ago was a very good weekend for sales. Great local sales, held by great companies, with great prices. A winning combination.

Here's a teaser of what I scored:

 My mom, T, and I went to an estate sale in Chicago Heights. But this wasn't any old estate sale. Apparently the owner's home was so packed, everything had to be moved off site to be sorted and displayed. So the company rented out a church gymnasium and held a fantastic sale. Not everything was marked, and the things that were were priced to sell fast. You could clearly tell that they wanted this stuff gone. So when I saw this decanter shoved under a table, covered in dust, I snatched it up so quickly. I was thrilled to see the $15 price tag and didn't really look it over because the sale was so overwhelmingly busy and I had a toddler to manage. I don't think the employees looked it over because it was clearly under priced. Then while standing in line, I had to time to look over my finds. Some old guy tapped me on the shoulder and said, "Miss, that is a REALLY nice lead crystal decanter you've got there. I collect them and let me tell you, you are VERY lucky."
I thanked him for his knowledge, paid for my stuff, and went home. When I got home, I cleaned off the decanter and showed it to B. He loved it, looked it over, and then found something that made my heart sink. In a good way. The original price tag on the bottom of the decanter. $300. yup. $300. Brian's mouth dropped and I may have screamed a profanity or two. Cause that's what I do when I'm excited. I was shocked. I knew it was nice, but I didn't know how nice. Now I know it's $300 nice. That's pretty nice. Here she is:

Now, I never buy things based on their value, but it's nice to know not everything I own is crap. Right now she's living on top of our bar because I don't have the heart to hide her away. She's already been filled with vodka and ready for a party. But a classy party, because she's a classy broad.


  1. That decanter is BEAUTIFUL! Good thing you found it before the old guy did


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