A day late...


 I'm a day late on the Summer Edition Pinterest Challenge, but better late than never right? Eons ago, I pinned  this image:


I love typography and B is obsessed with maps, so it was the perfect piece of art for us. I like to have things that represent us both on display in our home, since B tolerates T and I's crazy brass animal obsession. So last night, we set out to make our own version of these letters. 

I picked up the letters B and S at Joanne Fabrics for $2.99. I wish I would have had a coupon, but I was in a hurry.  These letters are cardboard, and I wasn't a fan of the brown color (since we are only applying the map to the front) so I spray painted the letters white.

You will also need a map, Mod Podge, a foam brush and this:

Okay okay, maybe you don't need the wine, but it will sure help make your project extra cool. Trust me, I'm a professional. ;) Next, watch your handsome hubby trace a letter onto a map.

 Make sure when tracing, that you don't flip your letter upside or backwards. Set the letter as it reads directly on your map and trace. Like so:

Then, cut out your letter.

B and I both chose maps that were important to us. B picked New Hampshire, since his family is from there. He has very fond memories of vacationing with his family in the summertime. I chose a map of Chicago, making sure to include our town:

Next, brush a thin layer of Mod Podge onto your letter using a foam brush and set your map on the letter. You have a thin window of play before the Mod Podge dries. Work quickly, making sure everything is lined up and any wrinkles and bubbles are smoothed out. You won't really noticed any imperfections since maps are so busy looking.

After the glue sets, about 20 minutes, brush a thin layer of Mod Podge on top of your letter to seal it. I repeated this step twice, although I'm sure one coat would be fine.

After it dries, make it look pretty:

I love the results! It's a little more modern than the wood ones I used as inspiration, which I like. The Mod Podge deepened all the colors in the map, making them brighter. It also think it's pretty cool than B and I's letter read as Bullsh*t. Sometimes, my twelve year old self comes out and things like swear words and fart jokes are the funniest thing ever.
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Also, if you participated in the Pinterest Challenge, please link your project in the comments below. Didn't participate? It's not too late! Do a project this week inspired from Pinterest and come back and show me! Want to follow me on Pinterest? Go here.


  1. Definitely doing this at some point. I've always been obsessed with maps/geography in general and I just found an atlas from 1967 at goodwill that's begging to be torn up and used.

    1. Ooohh. That would be super cool. We used an atlas borrowed from our neighbor, but I would have loved to do an older map of some sort! Send me a pic when you do it!

  2. Super cool! I am going to steal this idea!!

    1. Nice! I'd love to see it when you're done!

  3. These look so great! I'm totally going to do this! OMG one of those links on the bottom has a skyline made out of scrapbook paper. I'm going to try and do this. I'll keep you posted


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