Crazy Birds

Sometimes it's the smallest project that gives a big impact. At least that's what I feel about this project. Awhile back I put some crazy bird prints up for sale. Two sold, but my favorite one didn't. This print was something I was on the fence about- I loved it but B didn't. We only do things to our house that we are both on board with. Artwork included. I asked myself if I should sell it? and ultimately decided to put it up for sale. It never sold and I was happily left with this:

The frame was horrid-bad tones of wood and army green. I knew that switching out the frame to a white one, would help bring B over to my side. And wouldn't you know- he kinda liked it!

Turning the corner to our hallway always felt quite bland. There was nothing there except a sea of gray. Not anymore! We went from this:

To this:

Like I said, not the biggest change- but an impactful one. I love looking at this print and T gets a kick out of all the colors and animals. Still looks kind of boring in photos, but you'll just have to come on over and see how cool it is in person.

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  1. So glad Brian came around! I couldn't get Jeremy on board with those prints, and I also try not to put anything in the house that he dislikes. The white frame is a ginormous improvement. I love all the color you're adding to the house lately!


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