Come Sail Away...

Remember this post when I showed you my estate sale find? I made it a point to be more on top of current projects, since I tend to put things aside, forget about them, and then end up with about 30 plus projects to tackle. I vowed to myself that from now on, projects would get tackled in a timely manner (free chairs not included). B was gone for the day, so T and I got to our current project: taping and spraying our new tray:

First, I taped the outside border, since that was the most important row for creating a nice clean paint line. I wanted to make sure no paint got on the actual tray part, so I wedged my tape as close to the wood as possible. T helped with the rest of the taping part. I love to include her in as many DIY projects as possible, and since this part of the project didn't include sharp tools, dangerous fumes, or nails, I was happy to let her partake in taping. Besides, it was just tape. Any less than perfect line didn't matter since it could be covered with more tape or redone.

She took her job very seriously, making sure everything was pressed down very firmly.

Here is our tray all taped up:

Then, I sprayed the tray with a light coat of primer. Now, this tray isn't perfect. It's old and the wood show it's age. There are a lot of dings and scratches in it. Since I plan on using this tray as an actual serving tray and not just for show, I left all the dings and scratches in it. If I wanted the wood to be more perfect, I would have sanded the tray before and after I primed it. Just worth noting, in case you ever want to do something like this. After the primer, I did three coats of white semi-gloss spray paint and two coats of clear gloss protective enamel. I did this for two reasons. One: I only had white semi-gloss paint on hand and I wanted the tray to have a nice sheen to it. Two: A high gloss is more durable and the clear coat keeps the paint from being scratched off.  Here is the finished product:

  This tray already got a little action at our Fourth of July party. It fit perfectly in our Red, White, and Blue theme! Here's a picture of the tray before cupcakes made it into the cake stand:

Eventually, I hoping this tray will live on our kitchen shelves...if we ever get them done! Here's hoping for a productive weekend.


  1. Purty! That'll look great on those shelves. And you know I love T's shirt. DIY-ing with style!

    1. Thanks! And T has a wardrobe I'm envious of!

  2. This looks great Sarah! I just saw on pinterest yesterday about how you could turn a picture frame into a tray buy using drawer handles. Have you ever tried that?

    1. I've seen that idea but I've never tried it. Imagine all the possibilities!!!


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