Before we called this our home

I talk so much about all the changes we made to this home before we started blogging. And honestly, I kick myself for not starting a blog sooner. We wanted to document everything, but we couldn't pull ourselves away from renovating to sit down. Ever. So I dug up these photos to show you how our house looked before we bought it. Check out our Home Tour to see all our 'in progress' photos. I can't believe how much everything has changed!

Living Room Before:

The biggest change we made to the living room was opening up the wall to the entry way. Everything was extremely cramped and when you walked into the home, you almost walked into a wall. Not cool. Plus, you had to open a door just to walk up stairs. Not productive in my book.


 Dining Room Before:

No structural change, but ALOT of paint. It took four coats of paint to make the ceiling white again. I wish I was kidding. We removed the mantel and chair rail, too down the ceiling fan and blinds, and painted, painted, painted.

After (but before we did our open shelving) :

Kitchen Before:

We removed the kitchen island, which meant replacing the flooring underneath, and the upper cabinets. We added another pot light in the soffit where the upper cabinets were. It's hard to tell from the above photograph, but the cabinets were yellowed, so we refinished all the cabinets, replaced the hardware, the dishwasher, and ripped out the tile on the wall that the refrigerator is on. There was too much tile going on in the kitchen, so we replaced that wall with drywall.


Guest Room Before:

When we bought the place, the bedrooms were a wreck. The curtains were safety pinned closed, windows were never opened, and the previous owners smoked in here. A recipe for disaster. It's not pictured, but the door was punched in as well. Along with the bathroom door. That's why we don't have a door to our guest room. We never got around to replacing it. Maybe soon. We ripped out the carpeting and replaced it with new flooring, opened the windows, and painted. Do you see a theme here?


T's Room Before:

Again, pretty much the same as the Guest Room. Opening windows, repainting, and removing that awful metal shelving did wonders. Oh, and we replaced the floor in here as well.


Our Room Before:

This room was in the worst shape. There were two holes in the ceiling from water damage. B had to repair our roof, then rip out the moldy insulation, replace it with new and replace to ceiling. Obviously, those sexy mirrored closet door came down, and we replaced the flooring. Oh, did I mention paint?


Front Before:

The front and back yards were a mess. No weeding was ever done and there was serious lack of curb appeal. The biggest change came when B and our good friend, Red, took down the 30 foot Pine Tree by themselves. It was so. much. work. I'm not kidding- tree trimmers deserve every penny. I painted the door yellow and tore out everything in the planters. Over the course of the summer, I slowly redid the landscaping.


There it is! Our before and after. No surface was left untouched and we couldn't be more proud. It's crazy when I look back at these photos are realize how far we really have come- and on SUCH A SMALL BUDGET! We did everything with very little money and I think it turned out quite well. Our one year anniversary of being in the house is coming up (October) and I can't wait to see where our house is then and what it will look like in another years time. I'm super quick to judge everything wrong with our house, but as you read here I'm pretty in love with this house and the people I share it with!

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  1. I can't believe the transformation. It looks so much more welcoming and open!

  2. What was up with that random chair-rail and mantel?! You guys have done an amazing job. :-)

    1. I have no idea. There is no fireplace there (although there once was), but why put up a random mantel? There have many things about this house that have made us raise an eyebrow!

  3. Awful metal shelving...........sexy mirrored closet.......too much tile..........random mantel? What were these people thinking?


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