Baby Shelves and Kitchen Ducks

Nothing much to report on today, other than we've finally started this:

And we're working on hopefully having them done over the weekend. Except, we don't have everything to finish the project, which means a long trip to Ikea to pick up more of these tiny shelves.

And this is my moms newest houseguest:

His name is Thomas (can you guess my daughters' favorite TV show?) and we are all in love. My mom is a licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator and this was brought to her a couple days ago. He lives in my moms kitchen and takes baths in her kitchen sink. Thomas is more than likely going to make it (he was probably just abandoned by his mommy) and I will keep you all updated on his progress if you all are interested. Baby ducks are so much fun to rehab- they are so sweet and lovely and he will follow us around the yard once he is bigger. But don't worry, once he is old enough, he will be released back into the wild to live a full feathered ducky life!

What about you? Any plans for the weekend? And new critters living in your home? Intentional or not?

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