33% OFF

We are coming up on the 3 month anniversary of Tudors Down! I'm so grateful you all have made this blog so successful that I'm offering you 33% off (or more!) any of the following items. Thanks for being so spectacular! Here are the items on sale:

Bird Wall Mounts SOLD
Copper Pitcher SOLD
Milk Glass Vase $6 Now $4
Creamer: SOLD
Decanter on the far right $9 Now $6
Green Vase $19 Now $12.75 SOLD

Salt and Pepper Shakers $15 Now $10

Vintage Stamps $5 Now $3 each
Yellow Plate $5 SPECIAL $2!
Vintage Lithograph $25 PHOTO ONLY (NO FRAME) $5
Milk Glass Vase $10 Now $4
Thanks again for reading my little blog and liking my stuff! You're the best! Have a great weekend!


  1. Sarah,
    I found your blog through Cape27 while looking for a herringbone tutorial. If the 2 milk glass vases are still available, I'd like them both! My paypal is katiechatelain@yahoo.com . Also, how you you find out about the estate sales near you....the newspaper, internet, word of mouth?? Thanks! Katie

    1. Hi Katie!
      I'm really sorry, but those vases have sold (just haven't updated this page yet...oops!) I find out about estate sales from Estatesales.net. Thanks for reading and hope you continue to drop by!


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