too cool for school

In this post, I talked about the estate sales, but I forgot to mention another sale I went to . On my way to pick up Kaitlyn, I stopped at a garage of a family I kinda sorta knew. And this is what I scored:

A vintage children's school desk. It's in pretty decent shape, and all I really need to do to it, is get some Goof Off to take the tape and sticky residue off. I'm not sure if I am going to keep it for T or sell it, but I'll keep you posted when I make a decision. On top of the desk is the vintage card file I got at last weeks estate sales. It holds T's crayons and some markers. T doesn't like the desk as much as I thought she would, but it has been nice for a couple arts and crafts projects we've done. If I decide to keep it, I want to paint the metal chair the same muted green as the desk. I think it would also be fun to paint the wood part of the chair something bright and happy. I'm thinking of attempting a hand painted floral design to match the pillow on her new bed.  Ideas, ideas, ideas....


  1. i love this! im recently obsessed with all things old-schoolhouse style, this is perfect. Its also giving me flashbacks to never finishing my homework, but I can overlook that.

    1. I love schoolhouse inspired things too! Ahh, memories!

  2. I love the floral design idea! It would be a nice contrast to the metal and look so pretty with the green legs.

  3. eeeek, it's 'vintage' yet it's exactly what i sat at in elementary school!


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