Our Bar

We drink. Not like a lot, but we like to wind down at the end of the day with a glass of wine, a craft beer (B only), a martini, or a mixed drink. One of our favorite things to find at sales are decanters. We keep all our liquor in this cabinet:

This cabinet was a CraigsList find and one of our favorite pieces of furniture. Here is the inside:

Above is our ever growing collection of decanters. I love the way they look with dark liquor in them, although I'm not much of a dark liquor fan. The top shelf has wine (it's usually more full), a shaker, some martini glasses, and some fancy ginger ale for B to mix with his whiskey. The wine rack is made up of three wine racks that we got in the clearance section at Target. I love the splash of color I see when I open this cabinet. Behind the decanters are a bunch of beer glasses for B.

The drawers house a bunch of other bar related things.
Top drawer:
Some shot glasses, a stir, a jigger, bottle opener, deck of cards, and some coasters
2nd drawer:
Some napkins-both cloth and paper, and appetizer plates
3rd drawer:
Our only tablecloth and a serving tray
Bottom Drawer:
Stemless wine glasses and crystal old fashioned glasses.

 Such a useful piece of furniture that doesn't take up a lot of room. Although, sometimes I think it's a shame to hide such pretty decanters behind closed doors! What's your favorite piece of furniture? What do you keep in it? Do you hide any pretty collections?


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