How to: Herringbone wall

 I knew when we bought this house, that the hallway leading to T's room would have to get some sort of fun makeover. We painted it gray, like the rest of our home and left it for awhile until we decided what to do with it. We considered wallpaper, but quickly nixed the idea because anything I seem to like has to be over $125 a roll. Not cool guys. Not cool. We also considered another gallery wall but thought it would get too busy. And frames aren't cheap either. So, that left us with one other option. PAINT! I love a good patterned wall. After we decided what pattern and what color, we got to work. I don't know if I have ever shown you our hallway, so for a refresher, this is what we started with.:


I've had the idea of doing herringbone, ever since I saw it on Vintage Revivals. It's simple, modern, and classic. I knew it would be fun for T yet grown up enough that B and I would like it too. B wasn't feeling good last weekend, so he and I wanted to do something low key around the house. Enter painters tape.

First we had to decide on the scale. We knew we wanted to center a line around the light switch, so the switch wouldn't look out of place. We placed a piece of vertical tape centered through the light switch and went from there. Ultimately, we decided we liked the vertical lines 19'' apart. We wanted a fairly large scale and this fit the bill. So, we placed all our vertical lines 19'' apart and moved on to determine the horizontal 'blocks'. It's crucial before you move on that all your lines are level. This part takes the longest but leads to the best end result. Be prepared to be moving tape over and over.

Again, we just placed and moved tape around to determine the size we wanted and liked the look of a 11'' block best. Starting from each top vertical line, we measured and marked every 11''. Like so:

Cut a template to the width of your block. It's easier.

 Now here is the confusing part. Place a line from one line mark to another, making sure you drop it down on (so it creates a diagonal line). The parts that are staying the original base color, you want to put your tape  on the INSIDE of the 11'' mark. You do this because you have to take into account that the painters tape is 1'' wide.  That way all the 'blocks' in the pattern will be the same size. It also helps to put a piece of tape on the blocks that won't be painted. Here is everything all taped off:


See how the painters tapes' outside edge is on the 11'' mark and it's covering part of the NON painted block? This makes for even blocks throughout the pattern. If this is confusing, I'll be happy to answer any questions you have in the comments below. 
Next, it was time to paint. I was in charge of rolling and B cut in around the ceiling, baseboards, and surrounding walls. I was TERRIFIED I was going to paint one of the no paint blocks. I may have had to talk myself through most of this paint job. The whole process of painting took no more than an hour for both coats. We used about a half gallon of paint and it was the color we painted our master bedroom. We loved that color, wanted a tone on tone pattern, and we had some left over, so this project was free! Here is everything after two coats of paint:

 I'll be honest. After this was done, I got nervous. What if I didn't like it? What if it was too busy? Too childish? Too hard to paint over? I tend to panic. About everything. So this project was nothing new. B assured me that is was going to be amazing and if not, it was just paint. Another reason I love that guy. We let the paint dry overnight (since by the time we finished, it was about one in the morning) and then we removed the tape. Side note: make sure that when doing this project or a similar project that you really press down the tape. Clean lines are critical. And I like to use Frog Tape (the green painters tape). I much prefer it to Blue Painters tape. I think it sticks better and gives a cleaner line. Try it!

Here's the finished wall: 


I'm really happy with this wall. Every time I turn the corner to go to T's room, I can't help but smile. It's fun and different. It's a nice break in the solid color walls we have through the rest of the house. Now, I just need to find some bright artwork to finish off the wall and this project is done! 

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  1. It's fabulous! I couldn't love it more! And you're the only two people I know in this world who would refer to this project as "doing something low-key around the house" lol.

    1. Thanks! And if power tools aren't involved, it's low key to us!

  2. I love herringbone and this looks amazing! I'd love to try something like this, but after painting stripes in my boys bathroom, though, I don't want to see painter's tape for a long, long time!

    1. Thanks! And I totally understand not wanting to see painters tape for awhile! I would have nightmares about painting the wrong 'block' and ruin the entire design!

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