How to: Diaper Cake

A couple weeks ago I went to a baby shower and I wanted to give the most useful present possible: diapers! Just handing the couple a box of diapers wasn't really my thing, so I set out to make a cute, modern diaper cake that didn't scream BABY! Here's how I executed the task:

I've made a few diaper cakes in the past, so I stuck with my tried and true method. Roll tiny diapers (either size nb or one) and hold the roll with small piece of scotch tape. I always build the bottom base around a pack of wipes, because what new parent doesn't wish they had more wipes?
I usually aim to have the bottom base consist of 20-30 diapers on the outside ring, and build the next two tiers smaller than the previous. Fasten each diaper tier with a tie (either yarn or string- anything will do because it will be covered up) Don't worry about the tiers being perfect, you will fix that later.


After you've built the actual cake, the fun part begins- decorating! I wanted something simple, clean, and modern. I also wanted a cake that would work for a boy or girl, since the couple is having boy/girl twins. I chose to wrap the cake in yarn with a variety of teal colors. When you start wrapping your cake, tie the yarn to your existing tie that is holding all the diapers in a circle. Like so:

That way you can pull the yarn tight when you wrap it around the diapers. This will compress all the diapers together in a more sturdy solid circle. Continue wrapping until almost all the tier is covered. I like to leave a little space on the bottom and top so you can tell it's a cake made of diapers. I tuck the ends between two diapers to conceal the ends of the yarn. At this point, you can maneuver the diapers to get the exact shape you're happy with. You may need to fill in some space with more diapers.

The finished first tier

 I used two colors on the second and third tiers to give the cake an almost ombre affect:

The finished second tier

Simply place one tier on top of the other to create your cake. I don't do anything to fasten the tiers together and they seem to stay put fairly well.

When finished, I like to top the cake with something for the baby/babies. In this case, I used an all natural Dr. Seuss Horton lovie I found at Target. I set the cake on a silver serving tray for easy transport. I also bought a baby blanket that I rolled up and secured with the yarn from the cake. Viola! I'm really happy with the way this cake turned out.  I love it when beauty and practicality come together!


  1. Your diaper cake is just adorable! I love the rolled up look for diaper cakes but hey take alittle bit longer to do.

    1. Thanks! Luckily my hubby was willing to help and we rolled the diapers over the course of two nights over a glass of wine! It made the process much easier!


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