Father's Day

Just like Mother's Day , we spent Father's Day visiting with family and doing yard work. My parents generously gifted B mulch for our front yard so after a day of food and family, our evening was dedicated to mulching our landscaping. Over a month ago, we showed you our home's current front landscaping. Some things have changing, some things stayed, and some things almost died.

Let me refresh your memory. Here is what our house looked liked when we moved in:

And here is the 'progress' shot I showed you a month ago:

In the past month, I have taken quite an interest in gardening. Now, I'm not saying I'm any good at it, but I'm happy to learn. The dappled willow we planted almost didn't make it. It turned completely brown, and even my mom told me it was done for. In a fit of defeat, I sprayed all the dead leaves off the tree, leaving it completely bare and well, dead looking. BUT IT CAME BACK! The brown branches turned red again (one reason I really love this tree) and it sprouted new pink and green leaves. It the course of 4 days, our dead tree looked fine. Weird. Lessened learned: spray the hell out of plants to show them who's boss.

After that fiasco, I was left confident that I could make our front yard award worthy. So I planted some dwarf roses around the tree ring and transplanted a couple Hostas that were previously there. I also added some Hostas, Delphinium, Russian Sage, Grasses, Snap Dragons, and other annuals (I actually know the difference now) to the garden beds by the house. I'm really happy with the results and so far, so good! I also added some pots with various annuals to spruce the stairs up. I'm actually getting the hang of this gardening stuff. To finish everything off, we added the mulch Sunday evening and OH MY! What a difference mulch makes. It's like frosting a cake. Such an improvement.

My roses are blooming!

It's hard to tell in such pulled back photos what a difference everything has made, and I still have a couple more things I really want to do, like add more color to the stairs via more pots. But overall, it's getting there! I'm really proud of myself and can't help but smile every time I pull into our driveway!

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