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When Charlie came to take pictures of our house, he took so many beautiful shots it was hard to chose which ones to show to you. I tried to choose the pictures that showed our entire room, but let's be honest- it's the little things that make you smile. I keep only things that we love and cherish around our home. So I want to show you the little things, and give you a source list for them!

 Brass swans: T's pick. She found them at an estate sale and had to have them. They were quite heavy for a two year old, but she carried those birds around the entire sale and showed everyone she could her new toys. She still plays with them almost everyday.  Owl: TJMaxx. Brass and wood box: Estate Sale. Deer: Let me formally introduce you to Mr. Velvedeer. Yes, he has a name and yes, he is HOT PINK. Can you believe he was supposed to be a Christmas decoration? I love this little guy. He was a splurge at $26 from HomeGoods. I went back three times before I finally bought him. And when I say 'bought him', I mean B put him in the cart and made me buy him so I would finally shut up about the velvet reindeer. Best. Decision. Ever.   Bud Vase: Estate Sale. Flowers: Mom's Garden- thanks Mom!

Brass Birds: Estate Sale. We have a thing for brass animals in this house. Mercury Glass Owl: TJ Maxx. Books and Cigar Box: These came with B. I love them. Flower Pot: Estate Sale. It holds our sunglasses. Tree print: I was given this at an estate sale and I adore it. It's just one of those things I love and cherish for no reason. 3 Piece Vase Set: cb2

Coat Rack: cb2

More white ceramic owls: TJMaxx and West Elm.

Donut Plate: cb2. Donuts hold a very special place in B and I's heart. Ring Holder: West Elm Clearance section.  Holmie Figurine: Some 25 cent machine at a grocery store 10 years ago.

Bicycle PillowEtsy This was a gift to Brian for Father's Day.

Sorry this photo is upside down.

Bamboo Tray: Joss and Main (I think) Mid Century Modern Book: Amazon. It was my Mother's Day gift from B. Vase and Flowers: Ikea

Another white owl: I'm going to get sick of these one day soon, I know it. I am publicly stating: Hi my name is Sarah and I'm addicted to buying white ceramic owls. But I'm done. No more. Promise. 'M' Print: This was made at craft night that we hosted at our house. We bought dollar store frames and a bunch of scrapbook paper. And booze. Lots of booze. This is what I made. Bird: Target. Atmos Clock: This was our wedding gift from B's mom and step dad. It belonged to B's step dad and B had always loved that clock. Baby picture of T: I can't believe she was ever that teeny. Pot: Estate sale. Vase: A wedding gift from a friend of ours. It's painted to look like our wedding invites.

Chair: Craigslist

Kitchen Set: Hand-me down from T's cousin

Lamp: Clearance from TJ Maxx. Elephant and Necklace: Two more items T really wanted from estate sales. I let her pick out something on every trip. She sees me shopping, so why shouldn't she? And I think she has fantastic taste!

Vintage Fan: Consignment Shop in Frankfort. Bride and Groom: These were on our cake table at our wedding. They are from a local flower shop in Homewood. Owl: TJ Maxx. Cigar Box: I don't remember where I got this, but it was a gift to Brian because I ruined his old one. Sorry babe.

These items are constantly migrating and rotating so I'm sure this will all be different soon. Looking at all these items makes me smile everyday. What are your favorite items that you cherish? And where did you find it?


  1. Wow, my nanna used to have a pair of those brass swans and I LOVED them! I remember banging them together as though they were cymbals a lot

    1. I find them at a lot of estate sales, so I figured they were quite popular with older generations. And my daughter does the same thing! They are indestructible!

  2. Great pics, and I love all the little personal details in this post! You should do a how-to post on styling sometime. I think a lot of people struggle with the nuts and bolts of making these kind of vignettes.


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