Estate Sales: June 2nd

Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of going to Estate Sales with my friend Kaitlyn. T apparently was not feeling well and decided to flip out at the second sale. Poor Kaitlyn. We hit three sales in Oak Forest, one in Dolton, and one is Lansing. A couple of them were really good sales and I was relieved because I was afraid I was going to drag Kaitlyn with me only to have the worst sales ever. I got some great things for the blog and for our home.

The first sale in Oak forest was fantastic. It was loaded with old trunks, war relics, antique wagons, yadda yadda yadda. But I'm super excited because...I got T her big girl bed!!! B and I really couldn't agree when it came to her new bed. I wanted something brass, he thought it would look out of place. So when I saw this bed in the pictures of this estate sale, I knew it would be a happy medium.  It was white, but still ornate and girly. Once I set the bed up in her room, I noticed two things: 1) the white was a good idea 2) this bed was from IKEA. Really? I bought a bed from IKEA? It was a steal for under $30 but something doesn't sit right with me. I love this bed, I really do. But I had dreams of T sleeping on something with history. Character. Charm. Which I know, may be silly. But this bed actually works out great. We bought an extendable mattress so this bed will grow with T. She adores her big girl bed so I really can't complain.

The next sale, I picked up a print for a friend, a ginger jar (for sale at the end of this post), the dish pictured below, and a card file.

At the sale in Dolton, I bought TONS of vintage mason jars. We keep almost all our food in them and eventually they will sit out on our open kitchen shelving we plan on installing. The picture below only shows about half of what I bought.

Last was a TimeSavers Sale in Lansing. This sale made me vow to never go their Estate Sales again. First, we picked up about 30 old cookie cutters and T walked around with them, calling them her shapes. The cookie cutters were unmarked and when I asked the price, they quoted me 2/$1. Not fair. Most used cookie cutters are never more than 25 cents. Plus, they were obviously for my daughter. Then, one of the women running the sale remembered me from a past sale and asked if my daughter was still defiant. Yes, defiant. I could have killed her. T is not perfect, but she is usually pretty good at estate sales. She called her defiant because T insisted on doing down the stairs herself. I call that independent, not defiant. I think that was totally uncalled for. T, Kaitlyn, and I picked out our ten favorite shapes and left. Sorry, I didn't snap any pictures of the cookie cutters, but we have already made sugar cookies and used them.

 FOR SALE: This adorable Ginger Jar is in great condition. Measures about 6 inches tall. Would make a great pop of color in any kitchen. I think it would be an adorable way to store salt or another commonly used spice.



  1. DEFIANT?!?! Oh, it would be ON like Donkey Kong if that was my kid! BTW, if you wake up tomorrow and that bowl is gone, it's definitely not at my house. So don't even bother looking here. Because you won't find it. Ever.

    1. Nice, and since I won't be coming to look for that bowl, you'll never point fingers at me when your telephone table is missing.


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