Take two.

Last week I showed you the picture frames we bought at an estate sale and mentioned that we were going to spray paint them. Well, we did and here was our process. We already had two that we purchased a couple weeks ago at a different estate sale that were already primed:

The lower one in this photo is one of the previous ones we already had on hand, and the one above that is the newer one:

Since I want to paint these gray, I gave them all a quick coat of gray primer. Even the ones we already primed white. I like to use very thin, multiple coats when painting anything. I think I did two coats of primer on each frame

This frame is my favorite. It was in the best condition and I really like the shape. As you can see, we use those tree stumps for spraying everything. They are left over from taking down the 40 foot pine tree, and we have big plans for those stumps! Extra seating anyone?

After the primer had dried (a full 24 hours), we sprayed the frames with Rustoleum's Winter Gray.
It looked great outside, but when we brought a frame in to 'test' it against the wall, I hated it. The frames looked blue, and I didn't want blue. So we have to go back to the drawing board. I really want something matte .The high gloss sheen just didn't do anything for me. I'm thinking white, B is thinking charcoal. So readers- what's your opinion?

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