A Quick Fix

A quick, ever so random post about nothing monumental. Just a girl, her horse, and a love for all things blue.

Please excuse the crappy iPhone pic.

This wooden horse was purchased at an estate sale in Hinsdale a couple weeks ago. His origianl price was $16, but it was the second day of the sale so we got him for $8. He was pretty beat up well loved so B sanded him down, put his hair in pony tails (ha-h, a no pun intended) and primed him. We waited 24 hours before giving him the first coat of navy spray paint. Between coats, B wet sanded with a super fine grain sand paper for a smoother texture.We did four coats total. We were both stoked to give it to T, but she moaned and told us to paint it yellow. Figures. Not a major upgrade, but at least she's wearing pants in the after photo.



  1. how did you guys cover his hair while spray painting? it looks awesome!!

  2. We wrapped his hair up in plastic bags, then secured it with a rubber band. He had three pony tails up front and one big one on the tail. Oh, and we covered his eyes with painters tape.


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