Put a frame on it

This is my favorite spot in our house. A little 'kickout' that was once a fireplace. Now it houses some of our favorite things:

Our floors are not tilting, I promise.

I thought I'd give everyone a little breakdown of what each photo was.

1. A bicycle print printed on vintage dictionary paper. Source: Etsy Seller: memorydust
2. Some crappy artwork I did in high school.
3. My T
4. A dad and his daughter. I love this picture almost as much as I love these two.
5. Me and T. Taken on her first birthday.
6. A print from Ikea
7. This medic symbol was cut from an actual medic bag used in some war (there was a faded stamp on the inside). I found the bag at a thrift store and used it as my purse in high school. The bag eventually fell apart, but I could never bring myself to throw it away. Eventually I cut out the symbol and framed it for the wall.
8. My hippie mother when she was younger.
9. A fathers gift to B. Source: Etsy Seller: poppyandpinecone
10. This pin belonged to B's grandfather, who I unfortunately never met. He meant a great deal to B and he was given this pin to wear on our wedding day.
11. Another gift to B, this time for his birthday. This boy is obsessed with maps and Chicago. So I combined the two-viola! Instant crowd pleaser. Etsy Seller: studiokmo
12. The favors we gave out at our wedding. It's paper that you plant and wildflowers grow.
13. A poster from many many moons ago. The local punk scene here used to be awesome.

There you have it. Shit you never knew you wanted to know.

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