Estate Sale Wednesday

I went to an estate sale on Wednesday that was one of the sickest places I have ever been in. And I've been in some pretty questionable places. B was working, so T was my right hand man toddler. I had to carry her because there was fly paper strips all over the floor, and broken bottles, and so many clothes you couldn't see the floor. Good thing I wore tennis shoes. I should have got a Tetanus shot- it was that bad. When I opened the door to the basement, people were walking in THREE FEET of broken glass, wood, and who the hell knows what else.  It was actually kind of sad. But I got a lot of stuff and most is available for sale! I'll show you what I got in this post, then tomorrow I'll put up a separate post of for sale items.

Green Pitcher and HAND CUT CRYSTAL decanter! They are awesome, I'm in love and even better now that they are clean.

 This Peacock Print is made entirely our of real feathers. I'm an animal lover, I swear.

This is a horrible photo and doesn't do this print justice, but it's amazing. It's made up of yarn and cloth and the colors and textures are stunning. I think I'm going to hang both of these in T's room, or the guest room. I'm not quite sure yet. Hopefully I can find a couple more bird related prints and collage them all together.

Another Mid Century Chair because I really need more of those.

That's about half of all the loot I got. Tomorrow, I'll post all the vintage finds for sale!


  1. OH MY GOD i need that decanter

    1. Haha, yes. It goes nicely with the rest of our collection.


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