Estate Sale Finds

This past weekend, my mom, neighbor, and I had a garage sale-which was great, but left B and I unable to go any estate sales. Bummer. But I did totally space on an estate sale we hit up a few weeks ago and totally scored.

The estate sale was in South Holland and it was a pickers dream. I'm not kidding when I say that every wall was covered with shelves dripping with goodies, wall to wall pictures, a kitchen that housed 5 card tables and no table or counter was visible from all the stuff this couple accumulated. It was a mess, a wonderful mess, but a mess nonetheless. We went the first day and we were the ONLY ones there! Did nobody know about this gem? Amazing. There were so many wonderful things! But we left, empty handed. Why? Because nobody did know about this sale. It was poorly advertised and the entire hour we looked through the home, not one person came in. Which meant that all our treasures would more than likely be there the next day, which was also half price day. So we crossed our fingers hoping our luck would stay and returned the next day to a PACKED house. Figures. But all our finds were still there, along with other things we missed on our first pass through. So here's what we bought:

I love this brass box. It's old, slightly broken, and dented. But it's shiny and it's storage, which meant I couldn't pass it up. B wasn't the biggest fan, but it was $2 so he really couldn't argue against it. And now, in our home, he loves it. It really goes to show that you need to bring an item into your space to tell if it will work or not. In a old dingy house, this cube looked trashed. But in our guest bedroom, it adds the perfect amount of old, rustic vintage.  It now houses all of T's toys that are currently out of rotation.

This speaker was B's pick. It isn't hooked up to anything and probably wouldn't work if it was, but it's so B. He's an A/V guy at heart and this represents him so well. Plus, it's really pretty in person. It doesn't photograph well, but there are specks of brass thread running through the 'cloth' like front which really shines in the light and goes well with the bowl next to it. Oh, and it was $2.50. Score.

The bowl next to the speaker was $.50 and I think it's beautiful. Eventually, when our guest room is finished, this will live on the nightstand and become an end of the night catch all for guests. B and I each have a bowl on our nightstands that we use every night. From change, to jewelry, to things left in our pockets, they get a lot of use. And hopefully this bowl will too. If not, it will make one cute cat dish.

Last but not least, our new dresser. Not usually my style, but the wood qua trefoil inlay is stunning. The color doesn't help bring out the true beauty, so we have plans to repaint this someday. For now, the muted blue color actually works with the room and doesn't bother me. When I say "works with the room" it's because our guest room currently has no direction. It's become a catch all for things we don't know where to put elsewhere in our home. We are looking for a bed and I'm convinced that when we get that, the rest of the room will come together. The price? $12. Not bad, in my opinion.


I want to find some new ring pulls so the drawers are easier to open. This dresser has become my craft and photo hub, so it gets quite a bit of use. I want to stick with something similar to what's already on there because I feel it goes so nicely with the dresser:

 Under $20 can buy you ALOT of stuff at an estate sale if you're lucky and willing to wait. Here's all our finds together:


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